Monday, March 16, 2015

I can't "Stand" this.

Sign posted near a Party Store in Jackson Michigan
I was going to my local Party Store the other day and and I stopped to see a new sign up on the wall on a building next to it. Now if I can't stand, how am I to travel the other 30 feet to the Party Store? Should I crawl? Maybe walk on my hands? Kind of hard on my clothes with all the dirt and trash on the sidewalk and my hands will get muddy or cut on the broken glass vodka bottles strewn about. And what constitutes illegal standing? Two minutes? Six minutes? Will someone be arrested for standing there and checking google on their phone? or Heaven Forbid, texting the Mayor. [ Low Odds I'm Sure] I have a feeling there might have been a few fights at this location so maybe the police decided to keep the many inquisitive citizens from congregating to avoid sending them to jail and thus reducing much paperwork thereby lending more time to the local donut or pizza restaurant. What bothers me most is the actions of a few misguided rowdies throwing punches or selling illegal drugs have made it so us normal law abiding Jacksonians cannot even stare at the sky beside this sign to look for hidden meaning in the cloud formations above or to visualize a famous painting like the Last Supper or Dali's Giraffes on Fire.  I suppose I'll do what the police say. Don't want to get shot. Plus I hate wasting what little money I have left on a fine. :-] I need that money for a newspaper, beer and an occasional pint of ice cream. [not vodka]

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Is Cursive a dying Art?

My Mom's amazing cursive writing.
I have heard that school kids are not taught the Art of Cursive writing anymore. I guess that is due in part to the high-tech computer and smartphone age. No need to write anymore, just hit a button and a keyboard pops up. I remember when I was in 1st and 2nd grade, we had the alphabet above the chalkboard. Each letter was in cursive handwriting, both the Capital and lower case letters. I even think we had the printed letters also but I am not certain of this. Some people say you could tell one's personality by examining their handwriting plus you could tell if the writing was a forgery. In the old days cursive was done with such style and grace that no one dared used sloppy writing. Just look at the signers of the Declaration of Independence with their flawlessly immaculate letters and long curly designs at the end of their name. I was always amazed at how well Momio would write. It seemed to her it was just like breathing, it came so naturally. She even got into calligraphy which is writing with india ink with special metal tips you dip in the ink. Momio even painted the bottom of our 2nd floor steps with a brush done in calligraphy style. She also embroidered pillow cases with cursive writing. It seems a lot of new high-tech things have made it easier but it has also taken the beauty and style out of the way it was originally done. At least we can preserve cursing writing in museums.
Momio's cursive writing on our home's name: "Lochaven"

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Blast From the Past

Historical Ken with other Reenactors
Saturday August 23, 2014 I was transported back in time to the Civil War Era. The smell of wood burning and the scent of pork, chicken, potatoes and various pies gave an added reality check of what it must of been like back then. All the campsites with their cooking utensils and furniture were very authentic looking as were the uniforms the soldiers wore and the clothes the citizens dressed in. There was even a doctors tent for first aid complete with many old herbal concoctions and such plus the lead that was yanked out of arms and legs. Some were singing songs while the military brass band played on. The Main Event was of course the Battle and the soldiers awed the crowd with splendid displays of bravery and dying. All in all a great time with good food and drink to be found and plenty of Mid 1800s clothes and guns and musical instruments buy. Take a camera next time the Jackson Civil War Muster is in town and record your historical memories for years to come.
Soldier stirring the chicken stew.

Medicines and bone fragments.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Long Time Coming

East Jackson Class of 1973
This was my first class reunion since I got out of high school. I figured I better go before I'm no longer around or I don't recognize anyone or even myself in a few years. I had a very good time. Everyone talked to me  and I took some nice photographs. This group photo was taken by Tom Tyszko. I was amazed at how everyone still looked the same. Thirty Two of us showed up [one is not in the photo] the evening of August 10 at the Cascades Manor House. Out of 123 graduates we had 25% represented that night. Particularly nice was a table that had 3 or 4 different years books from our time at EJ: 1970 to 1973. A few of the guys even managed to organize a golf outing with each other the next day. If your reunion is coming up next year, try to go and don't forget to take a camera to record the memories. *Cheers* -Jimio

Friday, August 16, 2013

What a Great Day to Start a Weekend

Downtown Development Authority and WKHM at Grand River Marketplace  
This is Race Weekend and in Jackson that means lots of people scurrying about and the bright sunny skies just adds to the desire to go outside and check out all the activities. Here at the Grand River Marketplace local farmers come in and sell their top notch produce. They have a fantastic restaurant and they brew their own beer and wines. Musicians play on stage and also outside. Come down and try a burger with bacon jelly sauce or a reuben with  Wisconsin cheese washed down with homemade ales or wines. This is Jimio saying *Enjoy your Weekend*

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Jackson's First 80F Day of 2013

You can really tell when the weather is getting nice when people start using the outside tables at restaurants around town. Here this man is enjoying a Stones Brew and savoring this most wonder warm and pleasant day. This is Jimio saying *Cheers* to all who love the Great Outdoors of Jackson.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Lost Art of Writing Letters

A few letters I have received over the last 48 years
Now that the Age of the Internet is upon us, we must kiss goodbye the old vestiges of the envelopes marked "First Class" or "Par Avion". As I peruse over these ancient forms of communication, I must bestow a few excerpts that have captured my eye. Here is a letter from my Grandfather living in Alexandria Virginia in 1969: " Your cousin in Texas had a letter from the US Naval Academy and another from West Point asking him to go to their schools. But the military schools require one to serve 5 years after graduation but that would interfere with his playing professional football which might make him rich". My cousin graduated and went on to play football with the Washington Redskins from 1974-1981 #59 Middle Linebacker. Another letter from Grandpa in 1964 he writes: "Tell your daddy to write me - I hear he has changed his business again. I am worried by the thought of the long drive he has to make when the snow and ice comes, even if his car has the most modern tires and chains, yes even with a safety belt - That is a long drive to make every day. Enclosed is a check for all of your sisters and brother. Get your mama to cash it and give each of you a dollar. Write again soon - Lots of Love and Kisses to you all -Grandpa." From a Chess Friend in England on a Christmas Card: "Happy Christmas Jim -Cheers,Mike" A thank-you letter from a chess prodigy: " It is extremely nice for somebody like you to take the time and expense to help my cause. I am positive that the books you donated will provide enjoyment and learning for the ones who are not as fortunate as we are. You simply cannot imagine how precious your contribution is. Sincerely yours -K. K. Karanja May 28 1988"  Letter from a friend who had recently moved: " The scrambled eggs here are prepared by steaming which kills all taste and texture like eating some kind of yellow plastic and other such gastronomic monstrosities. We must get all the old shoes from around the USA and pretend they are roast beef." Letter from Uncle Jerry dated June 6 1979: "I've been busy trying to get the boat ready to put back in the water. It's been one thing after another but I finally took her on a Shakedown to South River. She runs well and except for a loose window everything seems ok." Hand written letter from Hit Parader Magazine dated November 1980: "Thanks for your letter to Hit Parader. We hope you saw the Judas Priest feature in the last issue. Keep on the look-out for the next issue of HP - there's a Molly Hatchet story coming and more on Judas Priest in the Hit Parader Annual Issue. Just stay with us and we'll try to feature as many Heavy Metal artists as possible. Sincerely Yours, Shelton Ivany -Editor" Letter from my brother Brad stationed in Rota Spain in the Navy dated Jan 11 1977: "My little spanish car is driving me crazy. It seems like everytime I turn around, something is going wrong with it. If I never see another 'Seat' again when I leave here, it wont break my heart."  The Seat is a Spanish Car pronounced "Say-At"  Another except from a letter Brad wrote on Sept 3, 2005: "We have already started packing our bags for the Philippines. Marina plans on using every allowable pound."  On June 25, 1986 Brad writes: "Jackie Gleason died last night and Fred Astair the night before. It makes you realize how old you are getting when people you've watched and heard about all your life are dying. A few years from now there will be kids who won't remember their names." Here is a little quip from my brother dated March 4, 1983: " If your Pinto makes it one more year I think you will have gotten more than your money's worth." Letter from Momio Jan 27, 1983: "Winter paid us a visit last week and transformed the meadow and trees beyond into a crystal palace. Every tree, branch, twig and blade of grass was encased in a sheath of ice that refracted the light like a thousand mirrors." Letter from Momio dated Sept 1, 1987: "Did you see the new lake wall out front of the house? They covered over our hand prints we made in the cement, yours and mine and wiped out the date. I was so sad to see it go. So much for posterity." I think we put our hand prints in that lakewall around 1975 during a patch up job. Letter from Momio dated Sept 24, 1982, she writes: " If you were to ask me what I miss about Michigan this time of year I would have to say the ducks and geese on Gilletts Lake. The birds down here in Georgia have been strangely quiet of late. I suppose that's because the birds of summer have left and the birds of winter haven't arrived yet. However, the birds that stay thorugh the year - the mockingbirds, thrashers, and towhees are not as raucous as usual. Perhaps there are too many cats in the area. Like Rome, we are infested with cats." Here is an insightful take on Momio's political vision: "Looks like things are warming up in Central America. Here we go again. The agony of unacceptable alternatives. They say Duarte is a moderate but I doubt he has the stamina to be a leader. Reagan says he wants to negotiate with the Russians but from a position of strength, hence the arms build-up. Fiddle - dee - dee, you don't know who to believe anymore. I think Haig is inept. He was a good general and that's where they should have left him, as a commander in the field. He certainly is no statesman. Too bad they don't have Kissinger in there. A lot of people don't like him because of his association with Nixon but when it came to foreign relations he was absolutely marvelous and he was particularly adept at negotiating." Letter from Daddio dated Dec 4, 1981: " James, remember when Mama used to take you all to the Toyhouse the day after Thanksgiving and you would come home and tell me all about the trains and race cars you saw."