Thursday, September 1, 2011

Civil War Muster-The Past Comes to Life

Battle of Bethel Church Virginia June 10 1861

Beautiful Civil War dress
 This was my 2nd visit to a Civil war Re-enactment, the first being over 22 years ago in this very same spot. It sure has grown. I saw more troops, more cannons and more vistors. I also met Historical Ken, a blogger of and we talked for a bit about re-enacting. It was a beautiful day, though rather hot but that helped the liquid refreshment Saloon get many thirsty customers. There were many stuffed animal heads of a Buffalo, a Moose and an Elk I believe and the Bar looked right out of the 1860s. I had to go to the Saloon twice it was so humid out. The women were dressed in very authentic looking period clothing for the 1860s. The prominent women of lawyers and doctors and such wore beautiful dresses with a hoop skirt that makes them puff out and give them that "Southern Belle" look. Many children were there wearing accurate period clothing and a few young teens fought in the battle just like some did back in the 1860s. The children also played with toys from the 1860s, it was like you were transported back to the civil war. Even the campfires were perfect replicas, maybe even real 1860s cookware and they had the fires burning on tree logs split with axes with actual food sizzling in the pans *smelled so good!* Everything there, was down to a T and the re-enactors stayed the night in their tents for this wonderful 2 day Muster Event. Plus I must mention the great playing of the Michigan 5th Infantry Band. Baritones, Trumpets, Drums and Piccalos played 1860s Era songs to the delight of all. When the Battle of Bethel Church started, the Muskets were pretty loud, but when the 8 Cannons went off, every toddler in the crowd seem to be crying. They did not expect such a huge *BOOM!* I'm certain the next 4 years of this 150th anniversary of the Civil War will be just as exciting as this year was.