Monday, July 18, 2011

Are Books Going Extinct?

The Book Exchange
We have a used bookstore downtown that has been there 12 years but Im afraid business will really slow down due to digital ebooks on Kinder devices and such. Hopefully Im wrong and that the desire to collect the physical books will bring in new business. The Book Exchange even takes money off the selling price if you bring in another book for the store. With Kindle and other e-reader devices, readers can have books in seconds anywhere they go. Still the cost of a Kindle varies from $114 to over $300 and you still have to buy the book online. Going to the library offers a free option but the selection is not always good and the hassle of going there plus the gas and time spent cuts into the free part somewhat. Garage Sales somtimes will have a few books at very cheap prices.  I need to add to my book collection desperately. What few books I have are screaming for more friends.