Friday, April 29, 2011

Three "Royal" Weddings I will never Forget

Michelle dancing with her Father Gary - 2004

Melissa dancing with her Father Grant - 1978
Liz dancing with her father Steve - 2010
 The great thing about cameras is they can freeze a wonderful moment in time and keep them for our eyes to gaze upon and for minds to remember and for hearts to savor. I dont think you can ever forget a wedding. It remains etched in ones mind forever. The food, the guests and even the drinks I can still remember like it was yesterday. These 3 weddings were all beautiful sunny days so even the Big Man upstairs wanted everything to go as planned. At Michell's wedding I sat next to a man who was a regular customer at the place where I worked. In all our talks at work he never mentioned he knew Michelle, but I never told him I knew her either so I guess we were even. Certain paths never cross till one day **BAM!** they meet. Saw many friends I have not seen in a long time at all the weddings and met a few new faces. So if you get a wedding invitation and happen to go, be sure to take a camera and lock those memories in forever.