Saturday, April 16, 2011

Michigan Theater: Still Going

The Michigan Theater opened April 30,1930
My first real full screen movie was at this theater, the Michigan Theater. I can still remember the first movie I saw there. It was "ThunderBall", the James Bond flick. I was only 9 years old then but that movie sure had an impact on me. The images were so large and the sound was so deep and strong that it felt real, like you were almost in the movie. It was also the place were I got hooked on eating popcorn while watching a movie. Chewing one kernal at a time helped me to concentrate really well! Plus it made the bag of popcorn last longer.
Other notable movies I remember watching at the Michigan Theater were, "Cleopatra","The Reivers","Scrooge" [Albert Finney],"Camelot" [Venessa Redgrave and Richard Harris], "Oliver" , "Mary Poppins" and "Network". These selections were mainly Momio's choice since she was paying, but I do think she had quality taste. Now, when my brother Brad took me, we saw the kind of movies we really dug like "Planet of the Apes"  and "2001: A Space Odyssey"                        The Theater inside had these huge concave domes where different colored lights would glow and eccentuate the ornate marble designs in the ceiling. Also this building was the first to have air-conditioning in town so I suspect it was packed with customers on hot days during movie showings. One time I was watching a movie there and it froze up. The still picture was sitting at a 45 degree angle and it was at this moment I knew the film and snapped in half. It took the projectionist about 15 minutes to splice the film back together and we were on our way , enjoying the rest of the celluloid fantasy.