Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Can you Walk like a Zombie?

Fresh is always better than frozen or canned
The Jackson Michigan Zombie walk was October 13, a nice unlucky number and a dreary rainy day for a Zombie Walk. The rain added that nice gruesome touch. We can't have Zombies walking around on a gloriously sunny day now can we? I'm sure real Zombies didn't use umbrellas either but who wants all their bloody makeup washed off? This years walk was a mind curdling success. At least 350 zombies signed up at  the Coffee Shop while a band played Death Metal [ Quite good I might add. Very crisp clear chords and sharp drumming ] There was a Cadillac Hearse to lead the walk. A skeleton looked out the back window and it eerily reminded me of the Grateful Dead. Well I beat the walkers to the Michigan Theater due to riding a bicycle. I could have beat them walking since many were dragging a damaged leg or stopping to try to eat human flesh. In West Africa a Zombie's Soul was captured in a bottle and sold to clients for luck,healing or business success. In Southern Africa a dead person can be turned into a Zombie by a small child. Also some Witches [Witchcraft VooDoo types I suppose] could turn persons into Zombies and possess them and force them into slave labor. After rail lines were built to transport migrant workers, stories came about  of "Witch Trains" which looked normal but were stuffed by Zombie workers controlled by a Witch. The trains would abduct a person boarding at night and be turned into a Zombie or beaten and thrown from the train. I guess they weren't good Zombie material. Also there was some drug or potion one could ingest that gave the appearance that one looked dead, only to wake up hours later. This had to have helped the Zombie craze not to mention some Schizophrenics thinking themselves to be dead while still walking around. One of the earliest Zombie books was "Magic Island" by William Seabrook in 1929. That spawned the movie "White Zombie" starring Bela Lugosi in 1932. The modern Zombies as we know them seem to have been born by the book "I Am Legend" written by Richard Matheson. Soon after that the movie "The Night of the Living Dead" by George Romero in 1968 crawled from the Grave. Songs about Zombies have been done by Fela Kuti in 1976 and by The Cranberries in 1994. Who cant remember the rock band "The Zombies"!
Zombie Priest
A Zombie Family that stays Together