Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Lure of a Neon Sign

This Neon Sign been on this building probably longer than I've been alive
Neon Signs, they call out to us in the dawn or dusk. In the rain, sleet, snow and fog they guide our way to the Pubs, Bars, Taverns, Restaurants,Diners,Massage Palours,Hardware Stores, Tanners and a whole bunch of other places. Many stores use neon signs now. They are shaped like Cars, Guitars and even Dogs n Cats. Anything to catch our eyes. There is even many songs about neon signs. I suppose it has to do with all the things you can do in a building with a neon sign. The possibilities are limitless. Artists captures neon signs in paintings and directors used them in movies to get that certain look. A look of desparation or loneliness. A look of calmness and celebration. Each neon sign invokes it's own emotion. Once you find the Neon Sign that suits your taste, you go inside the building and discover smaller neon signs taunting and teasing you, forever emblazened on your retinas. Their images are still there even though your eyes are closed. Well the Roxy Cafe enticed me at least 2 or 3 times to engage in a gastronomical festival. Roxy Cafe has been named the best place to have breakfast in Jackson Magazine. I had the best pancakes and omlets there, thats for sure. One thing that bothers me is I am having a difficult time finding any history about the Roxy Cafe. For as long as it has been around I thought for sure there must be something. Maybe I should chat with the owner. He might know if there was something there before the restaurant or when the Roxy came into being and the wild times there, since I saw a sign that said, "Motorcyclists Welcome" on the sidewalk. Maybe that is for the Robin's Roost, a Bar that is next door in the same building. Hopefully I can dig something up and repost it here or in a new post. There is just too much history at the Roxy Cafe to overlook!