Monday, February 20, 2012

Where is Winter?

All ready for Night Hockey on Gilletts Lake
Does anyone know where winter went? I don't think it ever came to Michigan this year. Winter decided to stay in Canada I suppose. Here's the weather temps for Feb 20-24 Monday high 45F low 28F- Tue high 43F low 30F - Wed high 48F low 32E - Thu high 52F low 32F As you can see, not the kind of temps that produce ice, so no skating this year unless we get a few cold weeks in March as a Last Blast, tho I'm not counting on it. Night Hockey was a blast but it did take a while to find the puck if it got away from you. My trusty Coleman Latern I got in Christmas of 1972 lit up an entire rink for endless hours of dark time hockey. Even just skaking around the lake [I called it going Cross Country] with my latern was a thrill and chasing snowmobiles kept my adrenelin levels up. This is Jimio saying "This is either an Early Spring or it was a very long Fall"