Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Classics and all that Jazz

Jackson Sympony Orchestra
Every town needs an Orchestra to give it that Classic appeal. Hearing the Greats is a wonderful experience especially in a fantastic accoustic hall. All those strings and woodwinds and blaring brass and the pounding of the drums and timpani. Our Jackson Orchestra has been around since 1949. They play classical along with opera, jazz, blues and rock music. The current Director is Stephen Osmond a Yale graduate and University of Michigan Professor. He has performed in New York's Carnegie Recital Hall. Artists like Dizzy Gillespie, Ralph Votapek, Mannheim Steamroller, Ann Murry and Manhatten Transfer have performed at the JSO. What's great is they have programs for under-priviledged children in which around 350 kids participate. Jackson Symphony also has a Home Schooled Orchestra where kids meet twice a week. I remember taking my Mom back in the early 1980s to hear the Jackson Symphony Orchestra perform Vivaldi's 4 Seasons. She was crazy about classical music and she enjoyed this concert very much. During the summer JSO gives free concerts outside in the Amphiteater out on the lawn. The sounds are great going into the sky and then swirling around inside your cranium. :-] This is Jimio saying treat yourself to a Classic Concert this Summer!