Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Color Coded Buses

City Buses lined up to take Commuters Home
I love art and I love things with lots of bright colors in them. Sometimes colors can help us. In the Hospital they have different colored stripes on the floor to help guide you to which department of specialized medicine that you needed. You just kept following the blue, red, yellow or green line till it ended. Now Buses being color coded might be helping those who cant read the sign on the bus and can maybe go by which color it is, providing the same color bus always goes on the same route. Bus is derived from the Latin word "Omnibus" meaning "For All". One of the first bus stations was in Nantes France and the Store was called "Omnes" which is Latin for "All" , so the stores patrons started called the horse drawn carriges that carried lots of passengers, "Omnibuses". After the buses becaome motorized, they were called "Autobuses" Some Buses are called "Coaches" which have reclining seats that are very comfortable and usually a restroom on board. The first known public bus line was in 1662.