Saturday, June 16, 2012

Race Weekend

This is what you get after drinking 1 Million gallons of Coca-Cola

I found this in a giant Wheaties Box

I never knew my Toy Cars were Real!
Well here we go again. This Magical Mystical time of the year when traffic jams last for 5 hours and you run out of Sunscreen. What! You forgot the Umbrella? If you don't like the idea of burning to death at the race, you can always come to town and partake of many exciting events, like listening to live music, eating great greasy foods and last but not one bit least, *Guzzling the Sudz!* Cheers! The Weather could not be better. Ninety Nine Degrees and 80% Humidity. I sure hope the guitar amps don't melt. Honestly tho-If you like the race, please enjoy it to your heart's content but don't forget to mosey into town for some NightLife.