Sunday, December 11, 2011

The True Meaning of Christmas

Nativity Scene on Church Steps
In this age of Super Sales at Walmart and Marathon Black Friday sessions, its nice to know one can still walk down the sidewalk in town and see a wonderful display of the Real Meaning of Christmas. Sure the Three Wisemen brought gifts but they were practical and didnt need a money-back guarantee. I like to give Hugs for Christmas. They are very inexpensive but you feel nice a long time after you give them. One thing I love about Christmas is looking at the Christmas Tree and seeing all the ornaments. On Daddio's and Momio's tree the ornaments went back to the 40s and every decade up to 2005. I especially like the ones with the years on them so you can tell exactly what year that Christmas was. Some of the neatest ones were the ones we made from kits as kids. The ornament was made of styrofoam and we just held the jewels and velvet on with pins and needles. I can remember many of the Christmas's with each ornament I looked at. And all the Holly and Evergreen branches draped on all the furniture and under one hallway arch we had this big Mistletoe where lots of huggin and kissin went on =B-] On the Mantel went Santas Sleigh and his Reindeer with elves hanging on the sides and back. This Sleigh was prob circa 1948 made of wood and craved really fancy. we had these 2 Christmas trees that stood about 2 feet high each and they had a bulb inside and it looked like all the different colored lights lit up on the outside. These were real looking evergreens and years later Momio's best friend Emmy Lou got her a porcelin tree with different lights on it. Momio also loved candels. Big or small, with bright colors and ornate carvings in them and a wreath around each base. Some were on long tall brass stands. Of course all the great Christmas cookies and cakes and pies and food and the christmas Treasure Port and Ruby Port wine sure made this special time extra nice. Momio would take red and gree cheeries and cut them and place them on a white frosted cake to make them look like Pointsetta flowers. This would be my birthday cake since I was born on Dec 22 and came home Christmas Day. Im sure each of us has our own unique memories of Christmas. Mine I'll never forget and I hope you all cherish your fond ones also. this is Jimio saying *Merry Christmas*..oh and P.S. [Hug]