Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How to save money when Bicycling

Jimio riding around Gilletts Lake on his Fuji Finest
 I donated my Fuji racing bike since it no longer suited my purpose because I dont race anymore, I'm getting too old and the odds were very high my Fuji would have been stolen while I had it chained up at Walmart. So I went looking for a nice old comfortable bike. I found one at Barber's Bike Shop, a small store that has been open for many years. The salesman wanted to sell me a wonderful mountain bike that cost around $1200 but I said that's a little over my price range. "Do you have any junkers?", I said. After he showed me 5 used bikes, I settled on a nice old Murray Elk River 18 speed. I took it for a test drive and was amazed all the gears worked though I was only going to use 1 low gear. Like I said, I'm not racing anymore, just putting around, taking my time. I asked how much and he said $35. Right in my range! The only other thing I purchased that day was a steel cable and master lock for $10 so that brought it up to $45. The Murray was comfortable but kinda heavy. I could probably ride off a 50 foot cliff and it wouldn't hurt this bike. I leave the chain on the middle gear of the 3 sprocket gears and the on the 3rd gear down on the hub. Its a nice cruising gear for me.
It took about 3 years before I had to buy anything for my bike which was a new inner tube after I got a flat one night. I didn't even know it till I got home. That cost me $4 [Up to $49 now] Then about a year later a pedal broke off [they were old] so I went to Barber's Bike Shop to get a used one. He had lots of used ones but none in my size threads so I was forced to buy a new pair of Redline pedals for $12 [Up to $61, $62 with tax] Then about 3 months later my inner tube was starting to pop outside through the side of the tire. The tires were so worn out the knobs were peeling off. Back to Barbers Bike Shop again for a pair of Kenda knobbys for $20 [Up to $83 with tax which isn't bad for 4 years, remember I only paid $35 for this thing] Now it has been 8 months with no more expenses, but I am worried about the cables. Maybe they will hold out another year.