Tuesday, April 26, 2011

And the Band Played On

Jimio in the center with his Hungarian Pea-Shooter
This was my second year of highschool ,my Sophomore year, and it was also the first year of our new Band Director. It was his first year out of college so he was a little "green" behind the ears, so to speak.  The first few days of band were not going so well for Mr Band Director. Our class was yelling and talking, throwing paper wads and spit-balls, you know, the normal teacher "out of control" stuff. But then one day something amazing happened. In the middle of all this chaos, a tuba player stood up [this guy was a strong tall dude that nobody messed with] and yelled " Everybody sit down and shutup! I like this teacher. He's trying to be nice to us and this is my last year of school. I want to go to the band orchestra finals and take first place for once. Give him the respect and decency he deserves." Even his friend added a few remarks to back him up and to prove this wasn't a student takeover.