Thursday, June 14, 2012

Psychedelic Castle

Underground Ink Tattoo Parlor
Talk about Eye-Catching. This is self-advertizing at its best. This old innovative building is located right on a curve and I wonder how many car accidents it must have caused with all the drivers turning their heard to get a better look at such a Day-Glow Monstrosity. Maybe it glows in the dark! A Full Moon would help also. Be great to hold Halloween Parties in. I don't often see many brightly colored buildings in this area. Most are in New Orleans or in Europe so it was refreshing to see this. Not sure if this place helps or hurts property values but being a Tattoo Parlor as it may, I suppose the customers can be a problem especially if they are not happy with their tattoos. I wonder what business this building held before Underground Ink came there? Making cannonballs? :-]