Saturday, July 16, 2011

Things are not always as they Look

What does this picture tell us?
Take a look at this picture. There is a man seemingly smoking a cigarette. This man looks amazingly similar to c'est moi. Alas it is but the true nature of this photo is deceptive. Yes, there is a cigarette in my mouth and of course you can see it is burning and the ashes are about to fall off. This is where the visual senses end and the mystery behind the photo begins. I was the subject of a dare, for you see, my friend Gario bet me I wouldn't smoke a cigarette. I retorted back that I could on one condition. I did not have to inhale this foul evil leaf rolled up inside a paper tube. Well as I was conducting my dare, the webcam accidentally went off and camptured [ha opps "captured"] this embarrasing moment. We were setting up to shoot a few camshots of us playing chess. So you see, not every picture tells a story accurately,but they do tell a story, sometimes mistakenly to a first time observer and without forhand knowledge of the actual participant at the event during the time of its occurance. Jimio's true Musing and I'm sticking to it!