Monday, July 4, 2011

A Bicentennial 4th of July

Bicentennial Flag

Our Patriotic Mailbox

"Spirit of 76" Raft
I'll never forget our Bicentenial in 1976. It was a warm sunny day. Steaks on the grill. I probably caught a few bluegills, sunfish,perch and bass to cook on the grill also. A few games of badmitten and some water skiing to round out the fun on a great holiday. My Mom being the artist that she was decorated the raft in a patriotic red white and blue Bicentennial look complete with flag and Eagle stickers. The entire lake knew we were patriotic! Momio also extended her artistic touch to the mailbox, making sure the mailman knew how we felt. [Plus any passing motorist] One of my favorite pics is the top one with the Bicentennial Flag on the lamp post. Simple yet elegant. The red geraniums below and the 65 Mustang behind the garage. Later that evening we saw the fireworks display over Gilletts Lake while the fireflies were doing their own displays.