Monday, July 25, 2011

Recreating the Past

Abe Lincoln with Lady Admirers
If you have never been to a Civil War Muster, by all means try to see one. My town has one every year and they do a different Battle each time. The Uniforms are very authentic looking and they use real cannons and muskats. The campsite looks amazing also with tents pitched up and soldiers playing cards and chess. Sometimes there is a military band playing on old brass horns. These soldiers even sleep in the tents overnight. There is also now a town like section with a jail,post office and other buildings with women and men doing things they did back in Civil War times while wearing perfect period time clothing. Sometimes entire families will participate in these events. I wonder if they do Revolutionary War Re-enactments? Even WW1, WW2, Korea or Vietnam re-enactments would be interesting, tho the Tropical setting of Vietnam would be difficult in some areas of the USA. At our Civil War Muster they will setup tables to sell old artifacts like pistols, muskats, knives, uniforms, old coins and homemade candles and baked goods they make on site. Bring a camera and record a recreation of history. I did and will never forget it.