Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I'm Free!

Jimio class of 1973

Brad class of 1969 [My Brother]

Mindy class of 1977 [My Sister]

Steve and Mindy graduates of Eastern Mich U

Jimio getting a Mantle Pic

Missy class of 1975 [My Sister]

Liz class of 2004 [My Niece]
Ah Freedom! Or so we think. It is actually the beginning of a new longer age of responsibility. Just when we think no one can tell us what to do , we get yelled at by our boss, our sargent or our significant other. We throw off the chains of curfews and being grounded while adding on the bonds of deadlines, meetings and remembering anniversarys. So I guess we are never totally Free until we rest Eternally.