Friday, May 20, 2011

Jimio Flys to the Rainbow

Scorpions Guitar Pick I Caught
 Back in 1979 I went to a Scorpions Concert and was about 6 rows back. I was groovin to "Lovedrive" when this guitar pick came flying through the air and landed on my head. I just put it in my wallet and it has been there for 31 years till I finally put it in a box at home.  I used to play the Scorpions cassettes[recorded off my LPs of course] in my car at full blast going to work, driving over to friends homes or just out cruising around. I especialy liked "Always Somewhere", "Loving you Sunday Morning" ,"Holiday", 'No One Like You", "Dark Lady", "In Trance","Steamrock Fever","Fly to the Rainbow ","This is my Song","Fly People Fly","Pictured Life", "In Search of Peace of Mind", "Lonesome Crow". I dont have the newer LPs only the first 8. Just like AC/DC and Rush, it took a while before they became real popular. I thought to myself "These bands will never be very popular because their sound was too hard-edged." Little did I know but learned over the years that to get real popular you have to make your songs more appealing to the masses and that meant making their sound a little more easy. That's not to say they wouldn't put out more harder rock LPs in the future, because that's what they did in order to keep their more Hard-Core Fans. [But I'm sure the Super Dooper Hard-Core Fans were Lost Forever]