Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Homemade Mailbox

A True Farmers Mailbox
I have passed by this mailbox for over 35 years on my way home and then on my way to see my parents after I left home. About 500 feet down this road you turn left, then another 1,000 feet and there's Momio and Dadio's house on Gilletts Lake. One day I just decided to take a pic of it. Stopped the car, jumped out and snapped the shot. The nice thing about this mailbox is that the family put this together themselves instead of buying some fancy store made mailbox. Another nice feature is if some crazy punk kid knocks it over with his car, it's easy to set back up again. I suppose they are a John Deer tractor family by the disctinctive green tractor and the yellow wheels. This farm has supplied us with lots of sweet corn, snap beans,wax beans,tomatos,squash,cucumbers,peppers in the Summer and lots of pumpkins in the Fall. Hey this has given me a great idea, to take pics of homemade mailboxes. I wonder if any books exist on the subject? I'm sure there is because every time I think of an idea, it has already been done. =B-]