Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Joys of Living on a Lake

Muffin was our Ski Watcher

The Girls trying to figure out how to start the motor

Raft all ready for the late afternoon cruise
 Oh, the wonder and splendor of living on a lake. So much to do and so little time to do it all in. Lets see, there's skiing, water boarding, swimming, snorkeling, fishing, turtle hunting, row boating, raft cruising and in winter, ice skating, snow mobile chasing, ice boating and cross-country skiing. I really miss lake living since I moved to town. I have my memories and glad they [whoever they is] can't take them away yet. I remember them girls trying to start that rowboat motor. I think they forgot to pull the choke. Something about dogs and wind. They love sticking their heads out of car windows and over the sides of speedboats. I guess they can smell the air more. Our raft named "The Spirit of 76" was repainted during the Bi-Centennial and made many trips around the lake to view the goings on of every home on shore. It also was used for lots of fishing excursions and swimming and diving outings. Dadio even took naps on it. The gentle rolling of the waves put him to sleep. The raft even had a brass horn that sounded like a Model-T. What was fun was sitting on the front pontoons as the raft cruised along the water, and we would stare down at all the weeds, knowing soon that the propellor would get clogged up and Dadio would have to back-up to drive the weeds off. We even had lunch and dinner out in the middle of Gilletts Lake on the raft. Food tastes so much better with fresh air blowing in your face!