Friday, May 6, 2011

Why does Spring drive us Crazy?

Jimio wearing protective Spring 3D Glasses
There is something about Spring that makes us go wild. I think it has something to do with the warmer temperatures, the new fragrances in the air and the longer daylight savings time. More people outside gives me the impression that there is more life brewing than I actually thought possible. All these people outside doing fun frolicky things[think trampoline] switches my body into "Groovy Mode", a kinda of feeling you get from drinking 20 cups of coffee [or 12 beers,or 10 cups of coffee and 6 beers] I am so overwhelmed by this fantastic sight, that I must wear 3D Glasses to acclimate myself until all my "Groove Neurons" settle down to their proper levels.
The only thing I hate about this new refreshing season is, all the birds tend to wake up at a very early hour and for some reason like to "chirp" their heads off. At first I thought the birds were also so thrilled by this Groovy Spring Weather, but I read that they are actually warning everyone about their territory. A so called "swear song" like an old curmudgeon yelling at WhipperSnappers to stay off his lawn. I thought "How can bird songs so beautiful be such a warlike manifesto?" Oh well, I still like the chirping even tho it has a new meaning for me, but please birds, dont start chirping till 10 am!Also I try to insert jump breaks to make a new paragraph, but they never seem to work. Anyone who can tell me how it works is welcomed to comment. I'll prob be embarrased but it certainly wont be the first time and definately not the last.