Thursday, May 26, 2011

When Rabbit Ears were King

My Grandmother Roberta's Zenith TV
This photo was taken in my Grandmothers room. She used to work at the Pentagon for some General but when she retired she came to Michigan to live with my parents. Every evening after dinner us kids would pile in her room and we would watch the "Golden Years" of TV programs. Under that chair you can see the "Rabbit Ears" that brought in such refined and crystal clear reception. There was a pleathora of Cowboy Shows on: Wagon Train,The Rifleman,Bonanza,Gunsmoke,Have Gun Will Travel,Rawhide and the Real McCoys. People must have been starving for Salloon Brawls and Stampeeds. Then there was Perry Mason, a great lawyer turned detective who-done-it show. Dr Kildare before "House" was around. Mitch Miller sang all the great Oldies while Dobie Gillis was doing his beatnik thing. Car 54 Where are you was funny. I never saw much Route 66 cause I was too young to stay up late. Never got to see Jack Parr show. Jack Parr was the for-runner of Johnny Carson and Jack lived in my town when he was a kid. I saw Fury which was about a horse and Sea-Hunt with Lloyd Bridges who produced two good acting sons. These shows were all in Black and White. I didnt mind. I was just happy to watch TV with Grandma and beg Cherry Lifesavers off from her!