Monday, March 16, 2015

I can't "Stand" this.

Sign posted near a Party Store in Jackson Michigan
I was going to my local Party Store the other day and and I stopped to see a new sign up on the wall on a building next to it. Now if I can't stand, how am I to travel the other 30 feet to the Party Store? Should I crawl? Maybe walk on my hands? Kind of hard on my clothes with all the dirt and trash on the sidewalk and my hands will get muddy or cut on the broken glass vodka bottles strewn about. And what constitutes illegal standing? Two minutes? Six minutes? Will someone be arrested for standing there and checking google on their phone? or Heaven Forbid, texting the Mayor. [ Low Odds I'm Sure] I have a feeling there might have been a few fights at this location so maybe the police decided to keep the many inquisitive citizens from congregating to avoid sending them to jail and thus reducing much paperwork thereby lending more time to the local donut or pizza restaurant. What bothers me most is the actions of a few misguided rowdies throwing punches or selling illegal drugs have made it so us normal law abiding Jacksonians cannot even stare at the sky beside this sign to look for hidden meaning in the cloud formations above or to visualize a famous painting like the Last Supper or Dali's Giraffes on Fire.  I suppose I'll do what the police say. Don't want to get shot. Plus I hate wasting what little money I have left on a fine. :-] I need that money for a newspaper, beer and an occasional pint of ice cream. [not vodka]


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  2. Ha! Good one. Now wouldn't that be something to have on one's police record--illegal standing? And I thought I was a hardened criminal with my occasional supposed jaywalking (don't tell anyone)... There are some pretty (non)crazy things that can get a person in trouble these days.