Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Missy - James - Mindy
I like having sisters. They can play the Indians while I played the Cowboy. They were my passengers in my tractor wagon. I got to watch them on Halloween Night, Trick or Treating. They even helped me shovel snow off my ice skating rink. I also helped them by being the voice of Barbies BF Ken and as they got older they even used of few belts and sweaters of mine so it was a symbiotic kind of thing. I was proud when they asked me to help them with their homework and when I needed a badmitten player, well 2 sisters made it almost even! My sisters even joined in on basketball behind the garage when Joe, Jeff or Randy coud not make it and even when they did make it. They even helped me rake leaves and carry them across the street over to the woods while singing our favorite rock-n-roll songs. They also helped me pick rasberries over by Warriors Hill. So you see, sisters can be quite helpful. I think I'll keep them around for a long time =B-]