Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Another Spring At Last

Ready to go to St Pauls Church on Easter Sunday
        I Love when Spring gets here. It means Summer can't be far behind. Sometimes Spring seems to take forever to get here but it is here chronologically, just not biologically, at least to my shivering body it aint. Sooner or later the Sun gets so high in the sky that Spring has to break out, it just can't be stopped. Spring looks about the same as Fall after the leaves drop off the trees. The temps are almost the same. We get cold dreary rain followed by lots of clouds. There is a fantastic difference that I have always Loved and that is [You Guessed It] What comes after Spring!
            I must admit I lied a little bit. Spring does have the new sounds of birds that migrate from the south and tiny plants start waking up and misting the air with the scents from newly opened flowers. We even get an hour more of evening daylight to celebrate Spring. Not to mention the leaves are all raked up so that is one huge chore that is gone and out of the way. That definately makes Spring better than Fall.            Spring brings forth new life as plants grow from the ground and birds lay their eggs. It has been this way for a very long time and if we dont totally trash this huge boat called Earth, I suppose we will see a lot more Springs.