Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Clowning around with Beauty

Ronald McDonald with Rosequeen and the Runnerups
On Sunday June 3rd 2012, Jackson Michigan held its Rosequeen Parade and Ronald McDonald happened to stop by and pay a visit. I just happened to catch him posing with the Rosequeen and her other contestants. I  never knew Ronald was such a Ladies Man. He even told them the best eyeliner to use that wouldn't smudge. Remember, he must put on his makeup hundreds of times a year, so having a quality brand is imperative to keep one's face from cracking up. The Rock Group KISS realized that a good exquisite exotic cosmetic is necessary to save one's skin. Ronald certainly did not forget his core Fans: The kids. He posed many times with the children along the parade to give them a memorable keepsake forever. This Jimio saying: "If you have a local parade near you, check it out. And take a camera!"