Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Local Watering Hole

Jacks' Place - Food*Fun*Spirits

Tracy's Tavern
 I'm not sure where the term "Local Watering Hole" came from, but it's the place where people "Wet Their Whistle". These two photos display a small Tavern and Bar in my town. After work some of the nearby local people would stop in to have a few drinks and some food, perhaps a snack or a light dinner. They would play pool or watch people trying to play pool. Play darts and listen to music. Might even catch a few Lovebirds dancing in the corner to Frank Sinatra, Patsy Cline or James Taylor. You can even watch TV or play the Lottery. A Bar is named for the "Bar" that people "Belly Up" to and the Bartender serves them their drinks. A Tavern in older times served alcohol and food but also some of the patrons could spend the night in sleeping quarters. A Pub was usually owned by a Brewery which liked to feature their particular brand of beer. What I like about these places is they let local musicians  try out their material on the customers. Karaoke night also is great for seeing which local resident can sing and who can't, which can be even more entertaining. According to my phonebook there are 32 Bars/Pubs/Taverns in Jackson but  this is just the surrounding area. Many more in the entire county, that's for sure.